New First Day Hikes on January 1st, 2015

Here I am in the RAIN at the Kent/Spring Ranch Barns

Here I am in the RAIN at the Kent/Spring Ranch Barns on a First Day Hike

Yep, the new year is just around the corner and once again the Mendocino Area Parks Association and State Parks are offering more hiking opportunities on January 1.

Here are all the details, these are really neat things to do and are all led by people who really know a lot and they are free!

First Day Hikes 2015

OK, guess that is all for now. Hope you are able to go on one of the hikes.

OH yeah, Dad said I should say “Happy New Year” to everyone but not sure what that is all about but if Dad says it is important I will do it, “Happy New Year”.



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Great News on the Future of our Favorite Light Station – Point Cabrillo!

Me Hard at Work at the East House

Hi Everybody,Me Hard at Work at the East House

Hi Everybody,

Great news! It has just been announced that not only will Point Cabrillo’s light stay shining but that it is going to be preserved as a Federal Aid to Navigation, whatever that is… (One benefit will be that it will continue to be maintained by the USCGA and the USCG). 

This is such terrific news, I was so worried that maybe the light would be turned off and then what would all the whales do when they swam by, they would not know they were at Point Cabrillo, yikes! (never mind all the humans that will benefit from the light continuing to operate…).

Anyway, here is the information from our friend Tanya who is the president of the board at the light station:

“Dear Friends and Supporters of Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park,

As most of you know, in 2013 the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse was considered for discontinuance along with many other federal aids to navigation. As a result of an inquiry initiated by Congressman Jared Huffman’s office, the PCLK has received fantastic news. According to Chief of External Affairs Collin Bronson of United States Coast Guard District Eleven, the Point Cabrillo light was evaluated and in consultation with the local community and the unique demands of the area it was decided by USCG staff in District 11 that the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse would remain a federal aid to navigation with no further plans to remove or alter the light.

I find myself at a loss of words to sufficiently express my relief, joy and gratitude. To everyone who helped make this happen, be proud of what you helped accomplish. The Point Cabrillo Lighthouse has been in operation as a Federal Aid to Navigation since 1909 and because of you, it will continue to light the way home.

Tanya Smart, President
Point Cabrillo Lightkeepers Association”

Light House in Storm!

The light will continue to shine!

Thanks for reading my blog!



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2014 Abalone Festival and World Champion Cook-Off

Cadet and i taking a nap....

Cadet and i taking a nap….

Hi Everybody,

The Mendocino Area Parks Association annual BIG fundraiser is happening this Saturday, October 11, 2014.

The Abalone Festival and World Champion Cook-off is great fun with live entertainment, a lot of food and drinks and all sorts of fun stuff!  The best thing is that you can attend for free.

Not only that but this year farm raised Abalone will be available so everyone can have some (see flyer below for details). Dad gave me a little piece of Abalone once and I loved it even though I have no idea what it is… (Dillon is known to eat first and ask questions later).

OK, well I hope you can go, all the details are in the flyer below. The only bummer is that pets are not allowed, not even me. I said I would be good and stay on my leash if I could go but NOOOOOOO. Someday dogs will find equal treatment and respect in this world, just not now I guess.


Thanks for reading my blog, I have to go have dinner now.



PS, Dad said he will be at the Mendocino Area Parks Association booth so he hopes you will stop by and see him even though I will not be with him.

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Wow, I almost Forgot to Tell Everyone about this great Concert at the Light Station!

Hi Everyone,

Another concert is being held at the light station this week and I almost forgot to tell you about it. Dad would say I am having a senior moment whatever that means.

Anyway here is information about the concert, you better hurry and buy tickets as these concerts seem to always sell out. Dad, mom and I have been to one and they are special. Just know that most dogs cannot attend, just me (Dillon wants us to never forget he is special however, he did leave before the concert actually began). You can buy tickets by calling 707-937-6123.

KeithMurphyPoster.jpg PtC 2014 10 Concert poster

If you have not got your tickets yet better hurry, it is very special to see a concert at the light station and a great way to end the day after visiting the Abalone Festival in Fort Bragg!

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Hi Everybody,

Gosh, it has been a long time since I last posted anything. I think maybe I was suffering from carpal paw (more likely it was a creative block). Anyway, I am back now and will try to post on a regular basis again.

So much has happened since I last wrote. One neat thing is that I went on vacation and spent 3 weeks with my friend Jack and his family. Mom and Dad were going on vacation and they could not take me so they let me go on vacation too. I had a great time, I really enjoy Jack’s back yard a lot. There are so many things to smell and places to mark, it is really fun. The rest of the time I have been just hanging around, napping, eating, chasing birds, the sort of thing most of us dogs do.

I do not have a lot of news to share about events or whatever except don’t forget this weekend is Paul Bunyan days in Fort Bragg.

OK, thanks for reading my blog and sorry about not being around for so long.



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Learn all about Seals from Experts at MacKerricher State Park starting on April 26, 2014

Mother and her pup at MacKerricher State Park!

Mother and her pup at MacKerricher State Park!


Hi Everybody,

Wow, what a busy time here on the Mendocino Coast! Here is yet another event that will be taking place this weekend at MacKerricher State Park. As my regular readers know I love seals a lot. Dad and I have been on these walks and I really enjoyed them (mostly because his nose has a field day with all the smells in the air, it is fun for people too and very educational). 



This is always a fun informative experience.

This is always a fun informative experience.

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Save the Frogs Day on April 26/Fun Family Event in Little River!

Me Hard at Work at the East House

Me Hard at Work at the East House

Hi Everybody,

Just learned about an event this weekend that sounds like it will be fun for the family and others too. To learn more just click here.

Learn all about frogs!

Learn all about frogs!

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